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Composite Track Pan - Rail Clip Part #7230

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Frequently Asked Questions

147 gallons-per-minute (gpm) when pans are connected with flow-throughs.

Because of the length of the Ultra-Track Pans, they must be side-loaded onto a dedicated flatbed or conestoga truck. Even a single pan will require this method of shipping. Center pans stack 6 high, and side pans ship 12 high.

A total of 12 centers and 24 sides can fit on one 48’ flatbed. If shipping alone, 12 centers can ship on one truck and 48 sides can fit on one truck.

The track pans ship from Jacksonville, Florida. If you order the optional grates, those will ship from Mentor, Ohio.

The temperature rating will vary depending on the chemical. Please see the chemical compatibility guide for more information. High-temp Ultra-Track Pans are available. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. The Ultra-Track Pans have a drain manifold option available that can be used to pipe spilled liquids from the pans to larger containment so catastrophic spills can still be completely contained and prevented from contaminating the surrounding environment..

The drain is 4” and drains into the 3” manifold. This allows the pan to drain faster as the 4” opening reduces the friction and surface tension of the fluid at the inlet of a gravity drain.

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