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Drain Guard, Trash and Debris, 48" x 36", 1-Pack Part #9227

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Frequently Asked Questions

When new, the Ultra-Drain Guard has a flow rate of 90 gpm/ft2. However, the unit has been designed with overflow ports. These allow the Ultra-Drain Guard a flow rate of 770 gpm which will prevent any flooding or ponding during extreme rain events. Any water that goes through the overflow is essentially untreated.

TIt is difficult to arrive at a definitive answer for this as there are several factors that will determine how long an Ultra-Drain Guard will last after it has been installed. The amount of rainfall and the amount and type of pollutants that the unit will be exposed to, among other things will determine the Ultra-Drain Guard’s life expectancy. For this reason, we recommend inspecting the unit after each significant rain event to better understand how much each Ultra-Drain Guard will capture. We have had test units in Seattle as well as Florida that were still working effectively after more than a year after installation.

Yes, under most circumstances. If the Ultra-Drain Guard is filled with sand, silt, and sediment, it can be removed from the drain, emptied out and replaced. Trash and debris can also be removed. The exception is if the Ultra-Drain Guard is saturated with oil, gas or other hydrocarbons. Because these pollutants can be flushed out of the Ultra-Drain Guard by a major rain event, it is recommended that the units be replaced instead of reused.

Usually, the most difficult part of installing an Ultra-Drain Guard is the handling of the catch basin’s grating. Depending on the area, these grates can be large and heavy and therefore a challenge to lift/move. For that reason, a second set of hands is recommended. The rest of the installation is quick and easy.

Those straps are used when removing a full Ultra-Drain Guard from the catch basin. Since the unit is held in place by the grating, it only stands to reason that an Ultra-Drain Guard full of sediment, dirt and other pollutants would drop to the bottom of the basin as soon as the grate was lifted…UNLESS. The lifting straps sewn into the top of the unit were used.

BEFORE lifting the grate, the four straps should be “fished out” and brought up through the drain’s grating. A piece of rebar, steel rod or a shovel or broom handle can then be inserted through each set of straps.

Now, when the grating is lifted, the Ultra-Drain Guard will be lifted with it instead of dropping into the catch basin.

Any excess material that is leftover after the grate has been put in place can be trimmed but it is certainly not required. In fact, there are a couple of reasons that leaving the extra material is beneficial. It can act as a “pre-filter” and remove some pollutants from the stormwater before they have a chance to get below the grate and into the Ultra-Drain Guard. Also, if there is a possibility that the Ultra-Drain Guard will be reused in the future, the excess material will make it much easier to be reinstalled.

If trimming of the material is necessary/desired, this can be easily done with heavy-duty scissors or a utility knife.

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Helps Comply with These Rules & Regulations
  • Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Additional Product Information

Uniform Product Codes (UPCs)
  • UPC 808416092172 Ultra-Drain Guard Oil & Sediment (Part #9217)
  • UPC 808416092189 Ultra-Drain Guard Oil & Sediment (Part #9218)
  • UPC 808416093568 Ultra-Drain Guard Oil & Sediment (Part #9356)
  • UPC 808416092196 Ultra-Drain Guard Plus Oil & Sediment Plus (Part #9219)
  • UPC 808416092202 Ultra-Drain Guard Plus Oil & Sediment Plus (Part #9220)
  • UPC 808416093582 Ultra-Drain Guard Plus Oil & Sediment (Part #9358)
  • UPC 808416092271 Ultra-Drain Guard Trash & Debris (Part #9227)
  • UPC 808416092295 Ultra-Drain Guard Trash & Debris (Part #9229)