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Hard Top P4 Plus, With Drain Part #9637

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the dual closure system (roll top door and swing outdoors) is on both sides of the unit to provide complete access to all drums stored inside.

It does not come with a ramp, but there is one available as an option (Part# 0676).

The Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus is made of polyethylene so in the event of a fire the unit will melt. It is not intended to be used in place of a safety cabinet.

No, the spill pallet is not completely waterproof. It is more accurately described as weatherproof. In other words, in standard weather conditions, your drums and/or containers should be protected and water gathering in the pallets is not a concern. However, during very gusty conditions or very heavy rainfall, some water may get into the unit. It is good practice to inspect the interior of the hard top after any severe weather.

Yes, there is enough room inside of the hard top for four drums and the ramp.

At its peak (the top is sloped) the height is 62”, the inside width is 52”, and inside length is 52”.

You can ship up to two hard tops and still remain within most trucking companies’ LTL maximums.

A dedicated truckload can hold ten Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus units.

The Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus ships completely assembled and ready to go upon arrival. However, we can ship a disassembled unit to reduce shipping space. Please contact us for more information on this option.

Yes, the hard top is forkliftable from both the front and back of the unit.

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Helps Comply with These Rules & Regulations

  • EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175
  • Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26
  • International Fire Code (IF) 5004.2.3

Additional Product Information

Uniform Product Codes (UPCs)
  • UPC 808416096361 Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus Without Drain (Part #9636)
  • UPC 808416096378 Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus With Drain (Part #9637)
  • UPC 808416006766 Ultra-Spill Pallet Ramp for P2 Plus, P3 Plus, and P4 Plus (Part #0676)