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Spill Deck P2 Part #1086

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using a pump (UltraTech part# 2345 can be used) to remove any spilled contents from the sump. (Note: spillage should be pumped into an approved container).

The Ultra-Spill Deck Ramp (part# 1089) comes complete with two steel clips that quickly install on the end of the ramp. These clips hook onto the connecting spill deck and keep the ramp from moving or shifting during loading or unloading. NOTE: The ramp is not designed to be used with the P1 spill decks or the short side of the P2 spill decks.

Other than the spill deck, you’ll need one bulkhead fitting (part# 1073) and one t-strip (part# 1131) for every 26” of spill deck length that is connected. For example, if you’re connecting a 4-drum spill deck to another 4-drum spill deck you would need two bulkhead fittings and two t-strips. If, on the other hand, you were connecting a 1-drum spill deck to the short end of a 2-drum spill deck, you would only need one each of the bulkhead fitting and t-strip.

Yes. All that is required is a 1 9/16” hole saw (1 ½” will also work). On each side of the Ultra-Spill Decks are “dimpled” areas that indicate where holes are to be drilled. Center the hole saw in the area you need to be drilled and carefully cut the hole(s) for your bulkhead fittings. File or “flame” any rough or sharp edges prior to connecting.

Sidewall plugs (part# 2221) can be used if you are no longer connecting a spill deck and therefore have a hole that needs to be plugged.

The spill deck can NOT be moved with a forklift or pallet jack. The design of the spill deck sidewalls sometimes leads users to think that it is forkliftable or able to be moved with a pallet jack. But what may appear to be forklift pockets are actually supports for the grating.

Yes, all grating surfaces on the spill decks are slip resistant.

The t-strips lay across the point where two spill decks come together. By “bridging the gap” this piece diverts spills to either of the decks and keeps any spillage from getting between the units.

One bulkhead fitting and one t-strip for each 26” of spill deck that is being connected.

(Note: The answer to this question is based on one assumption: That the spill decks are being used with 55-gallon drums). By themselves, the 1-drum, 2-drum and 4-drum spill decks do not meet EPA requirements. They must be connected to a bladder or another Ultra-Spill Deck to increase the total sump capacity to 55 gallons minimum.

All spill decks use a grating that is 48″L x 24″W x 2.5″H or 24″L x 24″W x 2.5″H.

Helps Comply with These Rules & Regulations

  • EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175
  • ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)